Thursday, December 23, 2010

WELCOMING DEATH ...................!!!

We all will die one day. This is the most common factor among the entire human race. But not everyone welcomes this reality with smiles.

We hardly realize that we are all not prepared for death. In fact, we fear death. Our modern society and culture have always sold us the idea and belief that death is an adversary - a foe to fight against or resist. And so we fight and we resist. We treat death and dying as if it is a disease to be feared. We push the thought of death away from our mind into the deep recesses of our subconscious. In so doing, we not only fear death but also make it very difficult for us to die gracefully and peacefully.

As Dylan Thomas Said “We are dying and the real trick is to go gentle into that good night “

Here we miss the opportunity to go gentle into that night. We fight and Fight to avoid this most perfect date of our life.

Death is a natural process of life. All things that are born must eventually die. That is the nature of life. In birth, we welcome the spirit into a physical body to experience a physical life. In death, we rejoice that it is now able to leave the worn out body and move on.

I suggest something new. When the death approaches us [ may be only in the old age ]  A group of meditators shall be invited to our bedside to meditate throughout our  last few hours of life, providing a peaceful and conducive environment where our mind and emotions are at peace and we can therefore move on to our next life with positive and wholesome thoughts. But this exercise should be done whole heartedly.

In fearing death, we make dying a painful experience for the dying and everyone concern. In welcoming death, the experience is totally different and even joyful.

I made up my mind that I would prepare myself to welcome death when the time comes. And So I request all of you to welcome gently that night, when you ultimately meet your creator.

But this journey requires few assets for making the journey worth traveling. And they are Humanity, moral values, forgiveness, gratitude, faith, devotion, respect for life, purity, service and above all love for one and all. 

I am sure that you, my fellow friends are now in a mood to welcome death with open arms without any stress on mind and heart. Let it come in its natural way. Be prepared to live it.