Sunday, August 7, 2011

FROM THAN TO NOW ................!!!!

It is sometimes foolish to think what we did in the past which leaves bad memories and a feel of guilt and a depressive state of mind : all of these telling us that we did a mistake at that time. 
Now ' AT THAT TIME' concept is something to think. We did exactly right at that time, because of our instincts , because of our beliefs , because of our traits , because of our feelings and finally because of our surroundings !!!!

Once we think of all these elements which pushed us to do that particular act [ like falling in love and getting hurt in love, like fighting back with close relatives and friends, like leaving good jobs , like divorcing , like leaving friends etc etc ] ; we will slowly realise that we are part of a designated destined act of GOD with our own inputs .

So if you see there are really no failures or mishaps , its only happenings of our life and so what next : very easy : A LESSON of life , for life, by life.....!

Let us not repeat those silly mistakes. NO more repenting or regretting , its better to move on with an experience and a lesson .

After all , Nothing happens just like that . There is a reason behind every act.
so , no more " AT THAT TIME " it should be more of " RIGHT NOW , RIGHT HERE , THIS TIME OF PRESENT MOMENT ".

Love, Lights, Care and Regards