Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hrudayam wishes all members and their families a very happy Thanksgiving Day .
Today is a day of celebration of happiness of harvest and other joys of life.

I have only prayer and message for you all :
Please say thanks to GOD first than to your parents and than to all your friends and relatives and thus the thanksgiving message spreads .BUT try to get THANKS from some unfortunate brothers and sisters of our society by helping them , by supporting them , since GOD has blessed you with all the good things of life: please share some part with the poor and needy and let me tell you; the moment you get a THANK YOU from a needy person/family , whom you helps - that will be the moment of LIFE . That will be the moment of JOY , that will be the moment of Happiness and that will be moment of THANKSGIVING !!!

GOD bless You all..!!!

Love, Lights & Hugs