Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Be Humble

My Dear Souls ,

We should never ever forget our existence in terms of our gratitude towards the creation and the master of creation.

Be Humble . It is the only tool in your life which makes you happy .

GOD bless you .
Much Love, Life, Hugs & Blessings !


Friday, November 22, 2013

NEW DAY ........!

My Dear Souls ,
Very Good Morning!

when we are in problems [ any - personal, professional, financial etc etc ] we usually carry the last day's burden to today !

And in the whole process we destroy our Today . GOD has not given this TODAY to worry about YESTERDAY;  but to move on , to think new avenues , to look into new dimensions .

So let us not start our day with the broken pieces of yesterday, as Bently said it rightly - it will destroy your wonderful today. Don’t worry about what you should have or could have done yesterday. Let the worries and the stress go.

Each morning that we wake up is the first day of our new beginning, our new life. Embrace it!

Life is all about accepting new challenges and moving on with new hopes ! And I am so sure of you all that you will be living a new life every DAY !

Have A Great Day ! GOD bless you all.

Much Love, Light, Hugs and Blessings !
yours always !

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Karma !

My Dear Souls,

We all are here doing our karmic actions. these actions are results of our thoughts and as they say " we get what we sow !" . Things comes back to us and this is called as circle of life.

We can not avoid our Karma . So the best action plan is to do good to others by words and by action !

Lets play a bigger role in the universal brotherhood !

Lets Love , lets Live and Lets spread Humanity . This is all I want from you all.

Be blessed . GOD's choicest blessings are all yours.

Much Love, Light and Hugs !
always yours