Friday, July 22, 2011

Love & Friednship

My Dear Holy Souls;

Very Good Morning!!!

Today I would like to tell you something, which all you faces in your life.

We all search for Love and Friendship throughout our Life, and when we get this, we spoil these two most important parts of our life, by applying our mind, logic and by talking too much or aggressive talks.

We forget that getting these two things in life is most important for every human creature but, the sooner we get, the faster we destroy it. Blame it on our useless mind and our baseless talks.

Please remember that In case of Love and Friendship the worldly interference is not required, these two things are to be lived.

So Stop applying mind, logic, and stop talking too much, when, you are with your beloved or with your friend. Because there only two of you matters not the world.


Swami Prem Vijay