Wednesday, July 31, 2013


My Dear Souls ;

Just be YOU .

Nothing else really matters. Nothing else really concerns . YOU are the creator of your life and your world .

Refine YOU. Create a better YOU.
YOU and YOU .

BUT never forget The original creator. THE almighty GOD . When you think of you , thank HIM. HE is always there . for you , for me and for everyone.
GOD bless YOU all.

Much Love, Light , Hugs and Blessings !

Swami Prem Vijay

Friday, July 26, 2013


Let us fall in love again
and scatter gold dust all over the world.

Let us become a new spring
...and feel the breeze drift in the heavens' scent.

Let us dress the earth in green,
& like the sap of a young tree
let the grace within sustain us ...


Dreams !!!

My Dear souls ;

Namaskaar .

Follow your dreams.  Chase your dreams. They are so important for you. They make you ticking all the time and give your life a meaning.  It’s only your dreams which takes you, where you really want to go. After-all life is all about dreaming something and acquiring it by hard and honest efforts.

Believe me - Dreams in your eyes will make your world brighten.

Much Love, Light, Hugs, Blessings !!!

Swami Prem Vijay

ZEN STORY : Purpose of life

ZEN STORY : Purpose of life

A frustrated young man went to see the wise man in his village.
“I don’t know what to do with my life. How do I find my purpose?” the young man asked.
“Follow me,” said the old man.
Silently, they trudged together to a far away river where they found dozens of prospectors panning for gold.
“There are three types of prospectors here,” the sage said.
“What do you mean?” the young man inquired.
“There are those who strike gold straight away. Excited, they take their plunder, cash it in and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Then there are those who pan for years. They know that there is gold here and they have seen others strike it rich, so they persist until they too find the gold that they’ve been searching for.”
“What about the third type?” asked the young man.
“They are the individuals who get frustrated that they haven’t found what they are looking for, so after a day, a week or a year or more, they give up, walk away and never find gold.”
Slightly confused, the young man asked, “What has this got to do with finding my purpose?”
“Aah yes, the age-old question.” the old man smiled and looked his companion in the eye. ”There are those in life who look for their purpose and seem to find it almost immediately. From a young age they have a clear sense of purpose and pursue their dreams with energy and enthusiasm. Some others have to look a bit harder, perhaps for many years, but if they persist and keep looking, they will find something to live for. Finally, there are those who want to know their purpose, but they become frustrated with the search and give up too soon, returning to a life of meaningless wandering.”
“Can everyone find their purpose?”
“Is there gold in the river?” the wise man responded.
“So, how do I find my own purpose?”
“Keep looking.”
“But how do I want to find it quicker?”
“Son, there are no guarantees that you will be able to find it quickly, the only guarantee is that if you give up and stop looking for it, you’ll never find it.”
The young man looked despondent, feeling that he had wasted his time with the old man.
He felt a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “I can sense your frustration, but let me assure you, if you can find your true calling in life, you will live with passion, make the world a better place, be richer than you could imagine and feel as though the very face of God Himself is smiling upon you. That may happen next week, next year or in the years ahead, but the search will be worth it and your life will never be the same again. So for now, your purpose is to find your purpose.”
“Oh, and there’s one other thing that I forgot to mention.”
“What’s that?”
“Just as those men and women need to get down to the river with a pan to find their gold, so we need to remain active to find our purposes, we don’t find it sitting around at home doing nothing.”
It was getting late, so the too men turned for home and began their long walk back to the village.
As they walked, the young man was deep in thought about what he had just learned, and the wise man smiled to himself, knowing that conversations like this were an important part of living his purpose.
Now, over to you.
Do you know your purpose for life?
Are you still looking?
Or have you given up?

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Life Management tools : 10 Reasons to Forgive the Person You Hate the Most…!

My Dear Souls ;

And one fine night an angel said to me , “Forgive the person you hate the most.”
This was difficult: I mean it was not easy but in that moment, I surrendered and my ego crumbled.  Everything I learned since childhood came pouring through me.  I had no more excuses about why not to forgive this person.  Instead, I embraced several reasons to do just that.  I focused passionately on those reasons as I stretched my body and mind simultaneously…

So what were the reasons?  Let’s discuss…

1.  Forgiveness allows us to take responsibility for our own happiness.

Most of what we attract into our lives is a mere reflection of what is inside of us.  Our thoughts and actions create our exterior world.  The Law of Attraction teaches us that like attracts like, and we will never experience a happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey.  By holding onto anger and resentment (even in our subconscious mind), we are pre-paving our journey to be filled with anger and resentment.  The way we feel and the emotions we hold are what we use to create all of our future experiences. 

2.  Forgiveness allows us to see everyone in our lives as a teacher.

Family members, spouses, friends, bosses, etc. – everyone is brought into our lives to teach us more about ourselves.  Thanking them for being a part of our journey and teaching us lessons that we now no longer need to learn is an incredible step in expanding our consciousness.

This same philosophy applies to our negative, failed relationships too.  Once you truly learn the lesson behind why a negative relationship came into your life, you will then no longer attract situations and future relationships that attempt to teach you the same lesson.  You get to graduate and grow so you no longer keep repeating the same unpleasant experience over and over again.

3.  Forgiveness helps us stop playing the victim card.

Adjusting your perspective to a place of forgiveness and gratitude allows you to no longer play the victim card.  Most of the time you are not a victim of anything other than your own vibration and level of attraction.  When you continue to blame someone else, you automatically give control of your life to someone else and thus set yourself up to be a lifelong victim.

4.  Forgiveness makes us aware that most people are doing the best they can.

Have compassion for where other people are in their lives.  It might not be where you are, but most people are doing the best they can at their particular level of awareness and understanding. 

5.  Forgiveness embodies the concept of “what goes around comes around.

We are all human and we have all done “unthinkable” things.  And deep down, we all yearn for the same forgiveness.  When we release others from the penalties of their actions, we create a space where our own thoughtless actions against others can be forgiven as well.

6.  Forgiveness forces our own level of consciousness to expand.

The process of growth is continuous.  The moment we stop learning, searching for lessons and expanding our consciousness, the ego steps in and takes over.  We are always moving toward something greater, and forgiveness helps us get there faster by eliminating our ties to dead weight from our past.

7.  Forgiveness teaches us to keep our expectations tempered.

We should never be expecting anything from anyone.  When we do this, we give up our own power to decide.  We alone are the creator of our universe, and when we are connected to our own inner source, we no longer “need” anything from anyone.  It’s still nice to receive things from time to time, but we don’t need these things to move forward with our lives. 

8.  Forgiveness teaches us to tone down our instincts for self-preservation.

Too often we injure one another simply because we are trying to protect ourselves (financially, emotionally, etc.), even when it’s at someone else’s expense.  We have all done it.  Becoming aware of this pattern allows us to stop needlessly injuring others for our own benefit.  And as you know, what goes around comes around…

9.  Forgiveness creates a space to let go and love.

Not everyone and every situation is meant to be a part of our lives forever.  Sometimes they are only there long enough to help us open the next chapter of our story.  Letting go creates space to let new people and experiences in.

In addition, we are all connected.  We have never met another person that we have not loved in some small way.  Sometimes we just don’t consciously know how to understand it and show it.  Simply put, forgiveness in and of itself is an act of letting go of our differences and connecting with our oneness and love for each other and the world we inhabit.

10.  Forgiveness is the best revenge.

A bit of sarcasm in this one, but it’s so true.  You can always seek revenge positively by creating a better future for yourself.  Because nothing annoys an adversary or negative force in your life more than seeing you smile after you have genuinely forgiven them and moved forward with your life.

Afterthoughts :::

In most walks of life, I think it’s fairly easy to say, “I forgive so-and-so.”  Deep down, though, the resentment and anger still lingers within us and in our subconscious minds, which then impacts our future experiences.

So i forgive everyone and I felt free.

Now it’s Your turn……

Who would you like to forgive?  Who would you regret not forgiving before you die?  Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Much Love, Light, Hugs and Blessings !!!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


My Dear Souls ;

And now message of the week. In fact I suggest all of you must read this slide again and again . Let each word get into your soul. 

And Let you Start your journey again . 

Bless you all.
Much Love, Light, Hugs and Lot of Blessings !


Dear GOD

For all my soul partners !!!!
much love, light, hugs and blessings !!!!