Saturday, September 10, 2011

Few Lessons of Life from my desk :::

1. No guru is better than any Shishya [ disciple ] .

2. No shishya
[ disciple ] is better than any Guru .

3. All paths are many roads to going to one stop !!!

4. When we think , we are more knowledgeable , we are actually more foolish .

5. There is No point in using any name just to show our growth towards that cult ,person, or anything .

6. at the same time , by using the name , we unknowingly creates a sublime way for us to walk.

7. We should not use foul and aggressive language to express our point of view.

8. Unknowingly all of us are fighting for the same statements of Life .

9. Buddha's path is path of every Human being on this planet . And we all are walking on this path ,knowingly or unknowingly.

10. Put your logic, mind , perceptions, knowledge and all other garbage to rest and just love !!!

Swami Prem Vijay