Monday, December 2, 2013

GIVING back to the society !!!

My Dear Souls,
Namaskar ;

Yesterday I went to an orphanage. I distributed lots of cloths to the children there. I spend time with the kids there . I played, talked, shared with them. And I promised them that I will be visiting them every month and will share something of me with them.

You must be wondering as why I am sharing this with you. There are two reasons for this !

1. Hrudayam commune’s second philosophy is “to give back to society” . Please start giving back to the less privileged of our planet. Give. Share. Spend. Talk. You all are already better humans which is the first doctrine of our commune . Now just move one step forward and help others. Give. Share . Spread. Talk.

2. The second reason is more unique , if I who is not on a continuous income since last 4 years and facing acute financial problems ; can share something of ME with them very regularly then you can definitely make a difference. YOU ALL, who are in much better placements of your life, can easily share much more with them.
Please help poor, needy and less privileged of our society . wherever you are , make your contribution to the world. This single act of your life will sooth your soul and you feel more connected to the GOD.

I am sure that you all will definitely do this and be sure that I will be feeling always happy for all of you.

Much Love, Light, Hugs, Blessings !
GOD bless you all.