Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Dear Friends, 

Let me tell you one simple thing that, it is only we, who overlook the beauty of life and GOD; just because of intervention of our mind. Mind has its own way of looking at the things around and than it shapes our life based on the images of our past experience and other mechanical inputs. In the process the life gets deteriorated and spoiled and get covered by logics, imaginations, perceptions and memories. All this put together stops us to see the real life and what it is for us in the whole scenario created by GOD. So simply Please follow your heart because when mind stops, life begins and when life grows, love happens and when love blossoms; than that will be the moment of bliss , the moment of joy and the most happening heartbeat of soul…..life is just than most happening thing on the earth ...and very surprisingly it will be your own life full of all the dreams converted into reality. So believe, follow and mind your HEART. 


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