Sunday, August 7, 2011

FROM THAN TO NOW ................!!!!

It is sometimes foolish to think what we did in the past which leaves bad memories and a feel of guilt and a depressive state of mind : all of these telling us that we did a mistake at that time. 
Now ' AT THAT TIME' concept is something to think. We did exactly right at that time, because of our instincts , because of our beliefs , because of our traits , because of our feelings and finally because of our surroundings !!!!

Once we think of all these elements which pushed us to do that particular act [ like falling in love and getting hurt in love, like fighting back with close relatives and friends, like leaving good jobs , like divorcing , like leaving friends etc etc ] ; we will slowly realise that we are part of a designated destined act of GOD with our own inputs .

So if you see there are really no failures or mishaps , its only happenings of our life and so what next : very easy : A LESSON of life , for life, by life.....!

Let us not repeat those silly mistakes. NO more repenting or regretting , its better to move on with an experience and a lesson .

After all , Nothing happens just like that . There is a reason behind every act.
so , no more " AT THAT TIME " it should be more of " RIGHT NOW , RIGHT HERE , THIS TIME OF PRESENT MOMENT ".

Love, Lights, Care and Regards


आशा जोगळेकर said...

Very true Sir, think of right now, right here, at this very moment. No use crying over spilled milk.
Let bygone be bygone .

Kailash C Sharma said...

Very well said. Regards