Monday, January 30, 2012

My Dear Souls
Namaskar !

Ever You noticed that what is that which makes or destroys the life and its course !

It is the very single MOMENT .

It is the moment which triggers various moments like : moment of love , moment of hate, moment of lust, moment of inspiration , moment of despair , moment of anger, moment of passion, moment of learning , moment of construction, moment of  destruction, moment of rage, moment of motherhood etc etc etc.

This very single moment changes the dynamics of our life, it changes the course of our life, it makes or destroys our life and what not, specially this very single moment makes or kills our much valuable relations !!!

We try to change our life , we try to control our life ; but it is the moment which requires our attention . It is the moment which needs correction ; BUT it is very difficult . It requires lot of conscious control over our body, mind & heart – than only our soul follows the directions and this very single moment gets controlled by us .

Today ; I tell you only to start exercising to control the emotions and actions which can lead to control the moment of your life : the better control of the moment very positively and constructively will make your life much better and in the whole process you will become a better person : which is the ultimate aim of Hrudayam !

Pranaam ;
Love, Light & Hugs !

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