Friday, February 24, 2012

Living before Death .....!!!!

My dear souls;
Namaskar .

We all will die one day and at that final moment , only three questions shall be asked by your soul , before leaving finally :

1. Did I live ?
2. Did I love ?
3. Did I gave back to society /shared with society ?

And if your single or all answers are “ NO “ than you did not live at all. And if your all answers are in “ YES “ than you have made it a point to get a big HUG from GOD !!!!

But , if your answers are “ NO “ than just Don’t worry. Because if you are reading this post than you are alive and GOD has some special moments saved for you in his kitty !
So start Living from this very single moment , love one and all. Stop hatred , start giving back to society in some form .

Live happily , this is your only and last chance to make your soul happy and proud that the soul was in a body which lived, loved and cared !!!

GOD Bless you all.

Love, Lights & hugs

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