Friday, November 23, 2012

well being of GOD.

My dear Souls ;

When was the last time when you thought of well being of GOD. 

We all are continuously asking , demanding , praying to GOD , we never let him have his space. We ask, we demand, we curse, we abuse, we complain ,we shout at him . we do everything to him whatever is possible and sometimes impossible also ; by abusing him in the name of religion. 

Ever we thought , that he too need 

some rest ? Half of the world is after him at any point of given time. Very strange truth , but it is !

So when was the last time you thought of giving him some rest. Don’t you think that he deserves some space, some time !!!!

Please stop ! He has given you a life ! now the call is all ours. For every small thing if we start troubling the BOSS, than what is the use our being here. Right ? So , give him a break. He needs it !

Pranaam .

Much Love, Light and Hugs

Hrudayam Love

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