Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Be Thankful .....!!!!

My dear Souls ;

Did you say Thank you to all ,who are around you !!!

Lets make a list to whom we should be thankful : 

1. GOD 
2. Parents 
3. Family 
4. Friends
5. Job/business 
6. House where you live 
7. Office where you work 
8. Society where you move around
9. The country which houses you and your family 
10. Nature for giving so much to us without demanding anything in return
11. God's creations who makes us happy and fill our hearts with  joy . 

and finally last but not the least - YOU. say thank you to yourself for being a good human being. 

I am sure that you all will follow this and live a happy life . 

GOD Bless you all. 

Much Love, Light, Smiles, Hugs and Blessings !!!

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