Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pray for the needy !!!!

My Dear Souls ;

The world is full of needy , poor, unfortunate brothers and sisters ; many of them are small kids and old people . 

Please take some moments from your busy life and pray for them. You are such a good soul, you never know ;your prayer may heal someone's pain. 

I firmly believe in prayers . YES GOD is there , and our soulful and pious prayers will reach him and someone among us , someone in some part of this planet will receive your unconditional prayer and his/her life may get some betterment.

Please do this . This is my humble request . I organize this now every month . please give something back to the society . Your prayer may be a stepping stone !!!

Much Love , Light , Hugs , Blessings !!

Vijay Sappatti

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