Sunday, October 20, 2013


My Dear Souls ;
Namaste !

A very great good morning/evening to you all with seasons greetings !!!

We all are always in a relationships from birth to death .

We live many relationships , many of them die naturally  , many of them come to a finishing line ,  many just break during the journey of life itself .

whatever may be the situation, I believe that we understand better the person only at the end of a relationship [ and sometimes we never understand also :) ]

And every relationship tells us something new , teaches some hard facts , makes us more stronger and better, makes us a more mature person !!!

I just wish you all to have a better , meaningful, lifelong relationships in your life. the one , I have with you for this lifetime .....!!!


Much Love, Light, Hugs , Blessings !!!

always yours ...


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sunsetstormx said...

God bless you. Thank you.