Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 ways to recharge ourselves and our motivation

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My dear souls,

Achieving goals is not a matter of possibility; it’s a matter of motivating yourself to focus on the right things.  You know you should be doing something, but sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything.  This stagnation can last a long time if you don’t head it off and take action.

Here are some daily motivation tricks that work for me:

1.  Get started!
2.  Find and use your positive voice.
3.  Spend time with people who inspire you.
4.  Start a friendly competition.
5.  Think about how far you have come.
6.  Embrace failure as a positive learning experience.
7.  Review, refine and breakdown your goals..
9.  Visualize your successful outcome in great detail.
10.  Spend some time every day working on a passion.

So make time to focus on doing something you really want to do.  Take an hour break and work on something that’s meaningful to you.  Engage yourself in a meaningful personal project, or pull the trigger on starting something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t yet had the resolve to do.  Do so, and your motivation and happiness will skyrocket.

Love, Light and Hugs

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