Friday, July 6, 2012

:::: KIDS ::::

My Dear Souls

Today I will share a secret with you all.

For your own heart and souls if you want relaxation , then please play with kids , your kids, others kids, just follow them blindly . they may be your kids, your grand children or great grand children. Spend as much time as possible with them. You will find every time that you are simply connected to GOD.

DO  YOU EVER understood that KIDS are DIRECT gifts of GOD. In fact they are the only gifts of GOD, which can be seen and felt.

Their questions [ most of the time endless and interconnected  ] makes our heart filled with joy and happiness.

I never leave a moment , which can be spent with the kids. They are the real joy . I have named my 10 year old son as “ All time Buddha” he is a great soul. Every Guru Purnima , I touch his feet first .  He gives me so much of peace. I have lost my mother long back . when My daughter is born , I started calling her as my mother. My daughter is my mother. This is as simple as that . And it relaxes my heart .  During my evening meditation practice the kids share the energy aura and they feel so happy and in the whole process they make me happy .

So , please never loose any moment to spend time with kids. They are the angles of your life. And if you  have grandchildren . the joy is double.

Life is all about sharing joy and pleasure.

GOD Bless you all.

Love, Light & Hugs


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