Friday, July 6, 2012

:::: Meditation ::::

My Dear Souls

Meditation makes you sublime. It makes you more humble than ever. There are more than 150 formats of doing meditation . you can select anything . to start with ….

Start with your breathing . Slow and steady – breath in – Breath out . as simple as that .. slowly divert your focus and concentration on your breath going in and coming out.. it needs practice and than a time will come when nothing will disturb you . you will be there alone with your breathing..

do it in the mornings and than in the afternoon and than before going to sleep ..

These deep breaths will slow down your other thoughts and than it will make you more humble and cool and this effect will handle your majority of day to day problems .

You can select your own meditation technique. You can select from so many videos available on you tube.

Life will be a pure blessing.

Love, Light & Hugs


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