Friday, July 6, 2012

:::: Same Hand of GOD :::

My Dear Souls

Paul Coelho said in The Alchemist. “Everything has been written by the same hand.”

I want to move ahead with this quote . Friends. We all are walking on the same path of spirituality with different -different dimensions of our own faith. Some here believe in Hinduism, some in Islam , some in Christianity , some in Buddhism , some in Sikhism and many more. There are several masters to all of us . And all this leads to one goal.

The path of spirituality and solace with GOD .

Rest assured that we all will achieve this ! because it is the same GOD , who is present with us , in us  in different avatars . It is the same hand which united all of us here in Hrudayam . It is the same hand which makes us share this joy of sharing knowledge .

It is the same GOD , which connects me to all of you. We all are part of a bigger soul. And this is more important. Hrudayam is big heart which has soul connection to all hearts of us.

And the teachings are so simple. Be better person and  give back to the society. Please share your happiness  with some of the unfortunate brothers and sisters around you . It is so simple. YES !

Let’s make a pledge: Live and let other Live.

Amen …!!!

GOD Bless you all.

Love, Light & Hugs


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